Maddie is my 13 y/o flat coat retriever. Since she was 2 months old she has brought so much joy and happiness to my life! Maddie has always been an active dog enjoying swimming, running and playing ball.

Up until the past couple years Maddie loved to play fetch; running at full speed to retrieve the ball and proudly bringing it back; she would’ve played like this all day had I let her! Over recent years she has begun to slow down, which I guess happens to us all at some point; however, as a survivor of Parvo and Cancer Maddie is a pretty tough girl, so her slowdown was bothersome to me. I noticed that she had developed bulging on her hips and was unable to fully extend her hind legs.
I hadn’t heard of Chiropractic Care for Animals until just recently. I knew the benefits it has for humans, but didn’t consider it could do the same for pets. THEN….I met Dr. Jeff Mathews who treats both people and animals!

Dr. Jeff examined Maddie, and then took the time to show me where in her neck, back and hips she was out of alignment and explain how adjusting her can help. I had no idea that she had these issues and was glad he took the time to talk to me. My vet has never mentioned any of this to me. Maddie was very calm and comfortable with Dr. Jeff during her exam and during the adjustment. Maddies adjustments took less than 5 minutes, and after her bulging hips were gone! She started jumping around and even stood on her hind legs (which she has not done in a long time)! I could see and feel the difference in her instantly. Her tail was wagging and I knew she felt better. I just had to take a picture then to capture her smile! The day after treatment we went to the park and it was snowing; she was just like a puppy again, actually jumping to catch snowflakes, running and rolling all over the place!

I attribute all of this to Dr. Jeff! He was very caring and compassionate with my Maddie. Words cannot really express how thankful I am for what he was able to do for her!