Introducing the Hill Air-Flexion and Distraction Table

We are excited to announce that the new Hill Air-Flexion and Distraction Table has been added to our practice!

Our New Service: Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling, also known as intra-muscular stimulation, is a technique using a solid filament needle to treat hyperirritable spots of the skeletal muscle.

Maintain Your Movement and Avoid Arthritis!

Maintaining movement and range of motion in all of our joints is essential to aging well. Here is a medical journal article which reports the most common cause of disability in the US is bone and joint arthritis.

Physical Activity Decreases with Age

Physical activity in the US decreases with age. 42% of children obtain the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity and 8% of adolescents. 30 minutes a day is recommended for adults and less than 5% of adults are achieving this.

Increase Your Mobility and Put the Brakes on OA

Increasing mobility can put the brakes on this degeneration. There is a window of opportunity to stop and even reverse degenerative changes.