Animal Testimonials


My name is Boomer.  I am a handsome Bengal boy.  In July of 2019 I acquired an injury or symptom that no one could diagnose.  I went to neurologists, Orthopedics and several veterinarians.  My mommy was at her wits end.  All I wanted to do was sleep and ignore everyone.  I couldn’t even jump.  I hear that is not normal for a 6 month old kitten. Mommy was very concerned.  A friend of hers mentioned taking me to a chiropractor.  My mommy had several doubts but she took me.  She talked to Gynger (who thinks I am very handsome) and got us in right away.

So off I went to see Dr. Mathews.  His office was very nice.  I was slightly nervous and so was Mommy.  But as soon as Dr. Mathews came in, I wasn’t afraid.  His voice is very soothing. He told my mom about my hips and how it is pinching on my spine.  So Dr. Mathews adjusted me and I immediately stood up and stretched my back for the first time in a long time! My Mommy couldn’t stop smiling.  I got another adjustment that week and I started to feel much better.  I actually wanted to be pet and play and not hide from Mommy and Daddy.  After a week I was running around with my big brother with no problem.  I visited Dr. Mathews a couple of times more to keep me in check.

Now I am 11 months old and still a handsome boy.  I am pouncing, jumping and wrestling with my big brother in no pain .  My mommy is so happy.  Thank you Dr. Mathews!  You are my favorite CATOPRACTOR!!!

Sincerely, Boomer