New Nutritional Products from Klaire Labs®

Mathews Chiropractic is extremely excited and pleased to announce we are carrying several new nutritional products from Klaire Labs® which began in 1969 as the standard bearer of purity, potency and performance We always do our best to bring the most exceptional products to our patients and these supplements are at the top of our list.

The new products available are:

Vitaprime: A 2 per day multivitamin and multimineral. Optimal dosing, high bioavailability, and its gentle on the GI formulation make this the go-to everyday multi.

Inflathera: Regulating and balancing our inflammatory processes is recognized as a key to helping us stay healthy and active. Inflathera features well-known herbs including a patented curcumin. This unique phytosome curcumin has been shown to enhance absorption by as much as 29x and has been used in over 35 human studies.

Target gb-X: A healthy GI microbiome is essential for overall health and proper gut-brain axis communication. The probiotic blend in Target gb-X has been shown in research to support a healthy central nervous system, mood, cognition, and GI function.

Eicosamax 1000: Eicosamax uses the preferred triglyceride form of fish oil for optimal absorption and bioavailability for a balanced inflammatory response. Extensive 3rd party testing ensures safety, purity, and quality.


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